Hi, I’m Sophie, and I’m a huge fan of graphic and visual arts. I have recently become fascinated with art that involves techniques usually used when working with textiles, such as artists who work with thread: stitching, embroidery, knitting, crocheting etc. I think using textile techniques in art can produce really exciting work.

I have started to put together interviews and biographical details of some of these artists, elements that I wanted to know and share about the artists and their work.

Some of their pieces are already accessible online, but I found that most websites simply have a long list of images, without any commentary about the artist. Frustrated by this lack of information, I decided to contact the artists in order to know more about them: from their personalities to their artistic motivation.

Since I love foreign cultures and languages, and have studied translation and international relations, these articles are available in French, English and Spanish.

Aside from the use of thread in art, I’m particularly interested by concepts such as: light / connections / links / network / geometry / time / design / architecture / urbanism / space…

This blog is my drawer: the one I use to put away all my precious objects. I gather, collect and keep portraits of the artists who inspire me, hoping they’ll inspire you too!


If you want to ask something or leave me a little note, it’s here:


One comment

  1. rubab

    i want to know about the concept behind the work Inertia No. 6, 2013 hand-embroidered paper collage ….

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